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Documenting and celebrating East Anglia's much-loved community newspaper which was published from 1973 to 1984. It was started with some of the profits from the first ever Barsham Faire. We are building the site to include a comprehensive guide to all the published issues, selected covers, articles, photographs, illustrations and other content. Because of the close link between the Clarion and the fairs movement, we will wherever appropriate link to the Fairs Archive website; also include information about public access to the physical Waveney Clarion archive. Finding your way around the site: Click on the links in the menubar near the top of this web page, or a link within a page; there are often related sections which are listed to the right beneath the Search box. PDF files are used to provide larger versions of images and supplementary documents: please be patient while they download (if you have trouble, please ensure that you have installed an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader available to download free from the Adobe site). Scroll down for News updates.

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Clarion Christmas cover

Clarion cover Dec. 1973: illustration and design by Mick Sparksman

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15 May 2014: Congratulations to Martin and Mike and the gang at the Fairs Archive website for a completely rebuilt website with hundreds of great images.

5 May 2014: Mike Weaver of the East Anglian fairs website (see Links) has kindly sent lots of Clarion-related material including lots more Coypu; we are adding these at appropriate places around the site.

1 March to 27 July 2014: Escape to the country – searching for self-sufficiency in the 70s, free exhibition in Abbot's Hall at the Museum of East Anglian Life, Stowmarket, Suffolk. “This new exhibition follows the people who left the city rat race to start new lives in rural East Anglia in the 1970s. Explore the magic of 70s fairs, join the hunt for the ‘Good Life’ and listen to totally groovy tunes. Discover how flower power and the three day week influenced how we live our lives today. Drawing on the experiences of ex-city slickers, hippies and the locals who remember their arrival in Suffolk, the exhibition will feature 70s costume, culture and creativity. Highlights include Laura Ashley dresses, vintage records and Barsham Faire posters.”

27 March 2014: Here is the whole of the first ever issue of the Clarion (February 1973).

15 July 2013: Don Mathew writes: 'Just to report that the one missing issue of the Clarion, April 1984, has been unearthed at his home by Ivan Bunn. He has donated this to the  Suffolk Record Office in Lowestoft – where he conveniently works – so the collection is now complete. Rejoice!' [This last word used with extreme irony.]

16 March 2013: Don Mathew talks to the Eastern Daily Press: Weekend section, page 8, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Clarion in the previous month. 

Nov. 2012: Our interview about the Clarion, the fairs movement and this website on Norwich's Future Radio is no longer available on the web, but click here for a PDF file of the transcript.