Wavaney Clarion Links

From Barsham to Albion (The East Anglian Fairs 1972-1986):  Fairs blog;   Website

John Ellerby's Facebook page about Barsham, Albion Fayres and The Clarion

Broadland Memories Blog;   Their website

Richard Barnes' imprint Frontier Publishing (home of the book: The Sun In The East)

A web page random account of the fairs, part of Archive: UK rock festivals 1965-1990

East Anglian Film Archive online film about The Last Barsham Faire 1976. A great piece of film with write-up to accompany it.

The paper archive (now including every issue) is available to the general public from 'The Fairs Archive', Suffolk Record Office, Lowestoft Library, Clapham Road South, Lowestoft NR32 1DR (open seven days a week).