Rogues Gallery

For an account of original Clarion Art Editor, Mick Sparksman, click here.

1. Andy Bell, Clarion co-founder, gardener, poet, rock critic; shown selling the Waveney Clarion at Barsham Faire 1976.

Andy Bell

3. Sandra Bell – back to the day job. See 'A wink and a bit o' French' for more on the Can-Can dancers.

Sandra Bell


4. Don Mathew, Clarion Editor and curator.

Don Mathew


5. John Ellerby, Editor 1979-82

John Ellerby


6. Mick Sparksman, Art Editor 1973-1976. Appears on Paul Tucker's Barsham cartoon 1975.

Mick Sparksman


7. Mike Hammond (in Clarion tee-shirt), Art Editor 1976-82

Mike Hammond


8. Clarion seller Bede Falkner at one of the fairs.

Clarion seler