This new addition to The Waveney Clarion website is the result of Virtually Here, an online tour of the physically empty Lowestoft Town Hall, now populated by an eclectic collection of cultural artefacts and artistic productions. (continues below)

Click on these links to download the selection of Clarion front pages and articles They're hi-res, so that you can easily read the actual stories. They make fascinating reading: PDF 1          PDF2

The Waveney Clarion is one of those 'exhibiting'. I have absolutely no idea what the other exhibits will be. If you've come from there, please enjoy the rest of the Clarion's site.

The new pages are an attempt to show the wide range of stories the Clarion covered in its ten years. On the site is a summary of every edition's contents, written and compiled by Don Mathew (long-serving former editor), and many of the captions used here are lifted from it.

If you've just alighted on this site, please use the link (after you've sated on fond memories here) to visit the Virtually Here extravaganza.

The new pages have been, pretty arbitrarily (partly because photographed from my very incomplete set of Clarions), put together by me. The hard work of sorting it out and inserting into the website has been done by Borin Van Loon. Cheers, Borin. Any errors of dates, attributions etc etc are mine.

John Ellerby

September 2020